No Going Back — News

12/31/10—Links added to reviews of No Going Back at Buried in Books and by LDS writer JoAnn Arnold.

7/13/2010—Jonathan Langford and No Going Back will be featured as part of a Local Author Showcase at King’s English bookstore in Salt Lake City starting at 6:30 p.m. There will be a short reading, Q&A session, and signing of books. Everyone welcome!

6/27/2010—Review of No Going Back at the Family Fellowship Forum in Provo, Utah.

4/14/2010No Going Back now available electronically from and from Smashwords. 

2/5/2010—No Going Back was announced as a finalist in the Best General Fiction category for the Whitney Awards, an awards program for novels by LDS authors. Nominees are voted on by an academy of industry professionals, including authors, publishers, bookstore owners, distributors, critics, and others. Winners will be announced on April 24. (Update: No Going Back did not win in its category, but as they say, it’s an honor just to be nominated...)

1/19/2010—An article in the BYU Daily Universe about No Going Back (front page, no less!). See the easy-to-read online version, or a PDF showing the article on the actual front page.

10/24/2009—Jonathan's Blog is now up. Planning to update about twice a week.

10/5/2009—A new review and interview have been posted at Mormonhermitmom's Book Blog.

9/30/2009—No Going Back is now available from both Zarahemla Books and

9/30/2009—A new review has been posted at the Reaching Upward blog.

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