Hi! My name is Jonathan Langford. I’m a freelance informational writer and editor with over 20 years of experience, mostly in the areas of education and educational technology.

My first novel, No Going Back, was published by Zarahemla Books in the fall of 2009. For more information about No Going Back, follow this link. I'm also coauthor of The Latter-day Saint Family Encyclopedia, which was published by Thunder Bay Press in November 2010.

I also now have a blog (as of Oct. 24, 2009), which I'm planning to update a couple of times a week.

Professional Writing/Editing
For more than 20 years, I have worked as a professional writer and editor, both freelance and in a corporate setting. Specific areas of expertise include:
• Marketing white papers
• Education research summaries and reports
• Written analyses of focus groups, survey results, and interviews
• School success stories
• Instructional materials and curriculum
• Teacher training materials
• User documentation
• Website revision for low-literacy users
• Informational articles for general readers

As both a writer and editor, I specialize in working with content experts to communicate information clearly and accurately for nonspecialized readers.

To contact me, email Jonathan AT langfordwriter DOT com.

Personal Background
I’m in my late 40s, married with three children. Grew up in western Oregon, but I now live in western Wisconsin. I have a BA and MA in English literature from Brigham Young University, but stopped before finishing a doctorate in medieval literature from the University of California at Riverside. In addition to professional writing and editing, I have also taught freshman composition part-time at several colleges and universities.

I’m a believing Mormon, with a longstanding interest in Mormon literature. For several years I moderated AML-List, an email discussion group sponsored by the Association for Mormon Letters. Other interests include herbs, gardening, and science fiction/fantasy. (My master’s thesis was about coming-of-age among hobbits in The Lord of the Rings.)